Language Gaming

“Language Gaming” is an original term coined by LanguageQuesters, it means using a video game to learn a foreign language.

Language Gaming can be achieved in several ways:

  • By changing the settings of the game to the audio language you want to learn, and the subtitles to a language you know. You can see our chart for which games it is possible to do so, which game are good for language-learning and the languages they’re available in, or look at our top language-learning games
  •  Playing video games specifically intended for language learning. LanguageQuesters is working to develop such games in the Gamebooks section. We are also currently in the process of reviewing video games that are meant for language-learning.
  • Language Gaming with a multiplayer game, by communicating with people whose native language is that which you want to learn. We also have a section about that.

Language Gaming is a unique, enriching and immersive experience. It is the 21st century way of learning languages. 


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