About Us – LanguageQuesters

LanguageQuesters is first and foremost a language-learning community. Encouraging the growth of language-learning via video games, motion pictures, fun and interaction. It’s a portal for everyone to share their experience with through our forums.

LQ is a reflection of my unique vision; I’ve made it advertisement free and created unique language-learning content for subscribers, including audio-stories and gamebooks with voice-acting and dual subtitles.



Though LanguageQuesters’ main concept is using different types of media to enrich your language-learning experience, we also believe that grammar shouldn’t be neglected. LanguageQuesters is not a complete package for all your language-learning needs, but a media outlet to enjoy it and immerse yourself in. For grammar questions we suggest to use Words Reference forum.


About me

My name is Lerik, I’m a 30 years old language-enthusiast, gamer, artist from Israel. I am obsessed with language-learning… and it all started with English and video games. I realized video games helped improve my English more than school. Later I used to same tactics with other languages, including Russian, Spanish and French. I enjoy basking in different cultures, hearing different sounds.  There is some sort of magic of speaking in a language that you weren’t born into.

I believe in the quote that “to have another language is to possess a second soul”…

Contact Details

You can use the forum for communication. If from some reason the forum is blocked you can use my email address languagequesters (at) gmail.com