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Playing Skyrim with different audio and language subtitles – LanguageQuesters’ Guide

First off, install the game in the language you desire to learn (this is chosen either during installation or by purchasing the game on steam – you can read our steam guide for language-learning in order to see how it’s done).

Afterwards, download the “string files” (AKA the text files) from the nexus website. This is a link for the English string files (if you want the text to be in any other language, you will need to google them)

You might have to register there in order to download.

Then, extract the string files to your Skyrim String folder, located in “Data”….  Here is an example path:

“K:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Legendary Edition\Data\Strings

You need to change the language part of the name in the string file in order to override the original files. For example:

Skyrim_English.DLSTRINGS -> Skyrim_Spanish.DLSTRINGS

(It’s a good idea to backup the files before override them, just in case something goes wrong)

After renaming all the files from English to your target language, you should have English subtitles accompanying your audio target language. Some of the interface language though will remain in your target language.

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