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TV Shows and web-series made especially for language-learning

Languages: Spanish
Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish is a 52 episodes TV show intended , designed to introduce viewers to the basics of Spanish. The show is played in a drama show style

Overview: Easy-going, cute, very understandable. Highly recommended.


Available Languages: Spanish, French, German, English
Extr@ is essentially a sitcom in the style of  the 90’s American sitcom “Friends” intended for language-learners, using simple language. It’s rather entertaining and easy to understand even if you’re relatively a beginner. The show can also be used with subtitles in case you feel they’re needed

Having watched all languages, I can attest that the German version is the best version



French in Action

French in Action is a unique French language course involving , developed by Professor Pierre Capretz of Yale University. The course includes workbooks, textbooks, and a 52-episode television series.

Professor Pierre Capretz narrates the show. In every episode, the show takes about 50%, while the other 50% is Professor Pierre Capretz analyizing words and phrases used. He never uses English when explaining.



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