ABBYY Lingvo – The BEST Dictionary Software and App

Before I go any further, ABBYY did NOT pay for this; this is not a paid-review, I don’t do those.



ABBYY has everything.

  • It can find every word you’re looking, even if you type in the conjugated version
  • Voiced results
  • Examples in a sentence
  • Several different dictionaries results
  • Can view inflected/conjugated form of verbs, nouns and adjectives
  • Can click on a word you don’t know to get it translated

There are a lot of dictionary apps out there, sadly most of them will go into shock and won’t give you any results the moment you try a conjugated word, a non-popular word or some jargon words. ABBYY is not one of those dictionaries, it’s the most powerful and professional tool out there. In fact, and you can quote me on this: if you won’t find it on ABBYY, it’s probably not a word. ABBYY caters for all languages. It is both a smartphone app and a PC software. I’ve had both versions and they both work extraordinarily well.

I say “ABBYY is a tool” and not a dictionary, because it in fact hosts many different dictionaries that you can purchase invidiually. Nevertheless, as such a tool, to unlock the full potential of ABBYY won’t be cheap.


Let’s go at it one by one:

The search area is very simple and offers corrections/additions as such.

abbyy-dictionary-app-screenshot-1 abbyy-dictionary-app-screenshot-2

The results provide examples. Here are examples from two different dictionaries


You can click a word you don’t know to get it translated

abbyy-dictionary-app-screenshot-4 abbyy-dictionary-app-screenshot-5

You can view a list of inflected forms for the verb you’re in


And you can always purchase more dictionaries (naturally)



Conclusion: ABBYY is a no-competition, hands-down the best dictionary out there, for both PC and app

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