Puerta De Baldur – Spanish Role-Playing Multiplayer Fantasy Community

Puerta de Baldur is a multiplayer fantasy community sandbox where you get to play with many native Spanish speakers in a role-playing gameworld. This community uses an old role-playing game to run their gameworld called “Neverwinter Nights”. It’s only recommended for people with at least intemediate-advanced knowledge of Spanish.


Main Concept
You will be play a fantasy character that you create in a fantasy world. Communication is done through chatting in a 3D fantasy environment. If you’re shy, you will need to learn to overcome your fears. It’s mostly up to you to initiate conversations, especially as a newbie

The people of Puerta de Baldur are very friendly and accommodating. I can’t tell you how many times they asked told (usually in Spanish) “if you need any help or don’t understand something, just ask! :)”. Some of them know English, some don’t, but regardless the vast majority will actively try to help you.


How to play:
Setting up the game can take a little time, but the reward can be phenomenal:

1) Follow the instructions here
2) If your Spanish is good enough to play, you should be able to understand the instructions.

Puerta de Baldur is a wonderful experience. The rewards you reap from it might be great if you lack communication of Spanish in your daily life. It does require patience due to a relatively prolonged installation process and understanding basic concepts in Dungeon and Dragons.

If your Spanish is a “beginner” and you feel totally inapt, it might not be for you. If you’re a bit more intermediate this might be for you.

Personal experience:
I personally greatly enjoy  my time in Puerta de Baldur (I say “enjoy” because I still occasionally play), I’m playing a character called Waldo Grimes that also occasionally speaks English (just to break the tension). Although I feel a bit of discomfort whenever I type English there, it helps me keep the conversations flowing. Other players correct my grammar a lot (in private “out-of-character” messages), and I even managed to join a guild there (a guild of pirates! Arr!). I often struggle but I make sure to keep a dictionary close by, and if I’m really confused about something I sometimes even use google translate (though I try to avoid it).


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